SCDA - South Coast Dredging Association

This section provides a place to access news and documents relating to the South Coast Dredging Association.

The SCDA is the regional Association representing members of the UK aggregates industry operating in the South Coast region.  Historically, the South Coast region is very important for the marine aggregate industry producing anywhere between 25-30% of the total UK annual marine aggregate resource.  There are presently 7 companies with interests in the region and these seven companies have formed the SCDA to facilitate production of the South Coast MAREA.  The work began in 2007 with production of a scoping report and has recently been completed with publication of the full MAREA.  The MAREA is supported by a number of focused technical reports that investigate specific issues.  The MAREA and associated technical reports are now available for download from this site.

SCDA Members

The following companies are members of the South Coast Dredging Association:

  • CEMEX UK Marine Ltd
  • Hanson Aggregates Marine Ltd
  • Kendall Bros. (Portsmouth) Ltd
  • Northwood (Fareham) Ltd
  • Tarmac Marine Dredging Ltd
  • Volker Dredging Ltd
  • Westminster Gravels Ltd

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